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Based in Los Angeles, New York and London, our team works with a vast network of journalists, helping fund investigations and narratives for a variety of audiovisual formats. We provide a platform and support system for fact-based storytellers to incubate and develop ideas that illuminate and entertain.

We currently have partnerships with journalists and publications in Brazil, Israel, Italy, Colombia, U.K., U.S., Canada, India, Argentina, Japan, Switzerland, Nicaragua, Malta and more.

We have an investment partnership with London based firm Dorfman Media Holdings, and we are represented globally by WME/Endeavor.


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One Click

Narrated by Elle Fanning, One Click is a limited documentary podcast series from C13Originals, in association with Vespucci, that explores how a single click on the internet can change your life forever. Season 1 tells the story of DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol), an explosive chemical originally used in WWI-era munitions factories that is now being sold on the internet as a diet pill leaving hundreds dead in its wake. This is a story about the risks of buying unknown substances on the internet -- where the spread of information transcends borders -- and how toxic beauty standards and body image issues have fueled a demand for a pill that can kill you. Together, actress Elle Fanning and journalist Jessica Wapner trace the history of DNP and reckon with the question of why. Why, despite the perils, have so many turned to DNP and what does it say about the health of our society?

paperless: an audio magazine

Ground-breaking investigations, never before heard confessions, gripping true stories, brought to you by award winning journalists and storytellers. This is long-form audio journalism done differently — this is Paperless, an audio magazine from Vespucci.

The Conductor

When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, playing an instrument could be punished by death, and yet Negin finds herself as conductor of all-female orchestra, stepping into a power she didn’t know she had.

Guarding Saddam

This is the never before told story of the relationship between a prisoner—the ex-President of Iraq—and a young American soldier from Kansas City.

the deadly internet diet drug that cooks people alive

Published in The Daily Beast by journalist Jessica Wapner, "The Deadly Internet Diet Drug That Cooks People Alive" is about DNP — a diet pill that has had an illegal and lethal resurgence in recent years. The article chronicles the journey of DNP, a drug that originated in a WW1 munitions factory, where it was discovered after workers began to lose weight, overheat and die. Not missing a chance to capitalize on a powerful new discovery, Stanford researchers developed it into a diet pill, which worked by burning its users/victims from the inside out. Although it is now illegal, the drug has had a resurgence in recent years, bought on the internet by teenage girls and bodybuilders, often with lethal consequences.

We have partnered with Elle Fanning, Cadance13 and Brittany Kahan Ward to develop this article as a podcast series. Coming soon...

Journalist: Jessica Wapner Publisher: Daily Beast (Jan. 23, 2020)
Available to read

Murder on the maltese express

If we are judged by the nature of our enemies, then Daphne Caruana Galizia should be remembered as a hero of our time. She was Malta’s most fearless journalist until someone with money and power decided that she should be silenced forever. Her assassination on 16th October 2017 was a brutal blow to anyone who cares about the truth. MURDER ON THE MALTESE EXPRESS sets out the evidence on the dirty money merchants she exposed. It is written in her honour.

We have partnered with Topic Studios ("Spotlight"), Indiana Production, and Noah Stollman ("Fauda", "Our Boys") to develop the book into a scripted TV series.

Journalists: Carlo Bonini, Manuel Delia and John Sweeney. Publisher: Silvertail Books (November 8, 2019)
Available for purchase

What happened to playboy's first black cover girl?

October 1971, Darine Stern makes history as the first black covergirl to grace a national publication run by white people and meant, largely, for white people. The magazine? Playboy. Hefner's gamble pays off, and the October Issue sells over 6 million copies. But for Darine, where do you go if you start at the top? From a new frontier of black middle-class life in Chicago to the cutthroat fashion world of 1970s New York, Darine's story is not just the story of one woman, but of black culture and its connection to American history.

Journalist: Morgan Jerkins. Publisher: Zora (Feburary 10, 2020)
Available to read


daniel turcan


Daniel is a Swiss producer living in New York. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch Film School, he worked as an editor, before transitioning into production, where he worked in both non-scripted and independent film, including producing MARJORIE PRIME (starring Jon Hamm and Tim Robbins). The film premiered at Sundance where it went on to receive the Alfred P. Sloan Award. In 2016 he co-founded Vespucci.

Johnny Galvin


Johnny began his career working in advertising and fashion, with placements at Saatchi & Saatchi, M&C Saatchi and Vivienne Westwood. After graduating from St. Andrews University with a Masters in Film, he worked in development for producer Brad Fischer and screenwriter Jamie Vanderbilt. Films included WHITE HOUSE DOWN (starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx) and SUGE KNIGHT, a documentary for Showtime. After that he worked for director Marc Forster, developing and producing film, TV, and commercials—including the Amazon Studios original drama HAND OF GOD. In 2016 he co-founded Vespucci.

Bridie Bischoff

Head of Development

Originally from the UK, Bridie started her career in film and television in the documentary world, before moving into historical scripted drama. She worked in development and production in London, South Africa and New York before moving to Los Angeles and joining the Vespucci team. Bridie co-founded award-winning independent theatre company Atticist.


Peter Sale

Head of podcasts

Based in London, Pete has been making podcasts for over 15 years as both a producer and sound engineer. He has made series for BBC Sounds, The Guardian, New York Times, and Audible.

He is also an experienced radio producer making documentaries for the BBC across all their networks. He specializes in episodic narrative series and audio storytelling which fuses sound design and journalism.

Podcast highlights include: The Messenger (Audible), Dead Man Talking (Audioboom), Hometown: A Killing (BBC Sounds), and The Daily (New York Times).


Matt Willis

Head of Content

An ARIA, APA, AIB, James Beard and NY Festival winning producer and executive, Matt has been making programmes for 12+ years, most recently as head of narrative factual podcasts at Audible where he launched 50+ projects in 2 years across narrative history, true crime and  investigations.

Previously head of factual at an independent production company, Matt ran a team of producers delivering commercial video projects for Sony, Technics, Panasonic, as well as podcasts for Audible and TV and radio for BBC.


Thomas Curry

Producer, Podcasts

Thomas Curry has worked as a magazine journalist and audio producer for more than 10 years. Thomas’ radio work has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Short Cuts, on Luminary’s Love+Radio and on Radiotopia’s Criminal. Thomas created and produced Audible’s British Podcast Award winning Hag. Prior to joining Vespucci he worked at Novel, where he produced Growing Old Disgracefully for Audible and Call Me Mother for the Audio Content Fund. His writing has been published in Dazed, AnOther, Little White Lies and Huck magazine amongst others.


Julia Natt

Executive Assistant

After graduating from Wesleyan University and completing the Columbia Publishing Course, Julia discovered a love for emotionally expansive, character-driven storytelling. Currently based out of Brooklyn, she worked as a freelance editor and interned at a literary agency before joining the Vespucci team.


Georgia Sebesky

development associate

Georgia is a musician and writer based in Jersey City. A graduate from the Journalism + Design program at The New School, she has interned at several print and radio outlets, covering topics that span from gender inequality in jazz to fire-spinning communities in Brooklyn.  An avid reader, listener, and viewer, she possesses a love for visceral storytelling in all forms.

Casiano Hamer

Casiano Hamer

development associate

Casiano is a writer/director based in Brooklyn, NY. He was born in Chicago, IL, and raised in the New England industrial seaside city of Bridgeport, CT.  Being a descendant of both African-American and Cuban-American parents he has used his experience to express the complexities of finding personal identity through film. Through his work, he has been able to explore festival-winning narrative film, documentary, network television at (Empire Fox TV), fashion, music entertainment (Revolt TV), philanthropy, and more between NYC and Chicago. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Film and TV at NYU with a BFA in Film and a minor in Creative Writing from Pratt Institute.


Maggie Katz

development associate

Maggie is a performer, writer, and former mime. She started her storytelling career in the New York downtown theater scene developing and performing work in several theaters across the city. Maggie fell in love with audio storytelling after producing her own story, The Long-Distance Con for WNYC and The New Yorker Radio Hour. The Long-Distance Con was a Webby Finalist and a New York Radio Award Silver winner. Since then, she has collaborated and developed stories with a variety of people; from b-boys to sailors.


Nicole Cone

development associate

Nicole grew up in sunny Miami, FL and attended the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate degree. She began her career in the Page Program at NBCUniversal, and then transitioned to producing documentaries in the digital department at VICE. After a few years in digital media, Nicole decided to pursue her MFA. She is currently a student in the NYU Graduate Film Program.


Aron Keller

development associate

Aron is a researcher, journalist, and producer based in London. He began his career on the Reuters television news desk before moving into documentary film production. After completing a masters in sociology at the University of Cambridge, he co-founded an online magazine and is currently freelancing as a writer and audio producer.


Seema Tilak

Legal council

Seema represents numerous media companies, and prior to her transactional practice, represented celebrities to protect their reputations. Notably, Seema represented Terry Bollea ("Hulk Hogan") against Gawker Media in a landmark invasion of privacy suit. Seema is licensed to practice before the US Patent & Trademark Office, is a legal journalist, and enjoys lecturing on topics related to media law as a fervent advocate of the First Amendment.


Marc has helmed a slate of major motion pictures of varying scale and genres for studios and independents alike, starring some of the industry’s premier talent. His films include Academy Award winner MONSTER’S BALL and FINDING NEVERLAND, Golden Globe winner THE KITE RUNNER, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, WORLD WAR Z, Disney’s CHRISTOPHER ROBIN and Amazon’s series HAND OF GOD.


Jason is a Global Opinions writer for The Washington Post and is a Global Affairs Analyst for CNN. He previously served as The Post’s Tehran Bureau Chief where he was unjustly imprisoned in Iran for 544 days. He was released in 2016 and returned to America, where he began a Nieman journalism fellowship at Harvard.


Lisa has over twenty years of experience in the independent film and television industry in various capacities in both business and finance. For over seven years Lisa was the Associate Vice President of International Finance within the Film and Television Group at the National Bank of Canada (NBoC), where she oversaw all lending to non-Canadian borrowers. She is currently producing and consulting in the area of Independent Film Finance, Global Government Incentives, Co- Productions and Structured Financing for film and television production.


Brad is President and Chief Content Officer of New Republic Pictures. His producing credits include Martin Scorsese’s SHUTTER ISLAND, David Fincher’s ZODIAC, Darren Aronofksy’s academy award winning BLACK SWAN, WHITE HOUSE DOWN, SUSPIRA, and THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS.


Raghav is the Global Strategy & Operations Leader at Ernst & Young’s Media & Entertainment practice, where he leads revenue growth and oversees the development and deployment of new technology-enabled solutions and businesses for the firm’s media and entertainment clients. Prior to joining EY, Raghav served as the Head of International Operations for India’s largest independent record label, Phat Phish Records.


Luke is a growth equity and venture capital investor at Summit Partners in London. Prior to Summit, Luke worked in the investment banking, real estate investment, and legal fields, and served as an intern in the US House Of Representatives.  His favorite film is THE HOLIDAY but he tells people it’s APOCALYPSE NOW.

We have partnered with Dorfman Media Holdings, who have invested in a selection of handpicked companies work collaboratively and independently with clients to uncover, fuel, make, tell and promote their stories.

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